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{Hand-Printed Textiles} Getting Resourceful

When we were first told to “Stay Home and Stay Safe” due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I spent a lot of time organizing & cleaning out my studio spaces. As I was digging through stacks of fabric that I printed years ago, I was continuously asked if I was going to make masks. So, I thought utilizing all of my new found stacks of printed fabric might be a good idea. I started making masks with a tutorial that my doctor’s office recommended- one that has a pocket for a filter and has adjustable elastic that go over the ears. I made 25 and gave them away to local nurses, front line workers, and vulnerable folks in the valley. I saw it as a way of giving a hug or a little extra kindness. However, the demand was so big that I found myself making more and having to get creative when sourcing elastic. It slowly became all I was doing.

Chris and I came up with a system- he cuts, & I sew. I offer up curbside pick-up and found that it was my favorite part of the process. I get a little hop in my step when I know people are going to come pick up their masks. I love all of the conversations that I’ve had with people and it fills me up that my masks are making people smile & feel a little safer. The social worker, bleeding heart part of me eats this project up. It’s nice to feel like I’m helping just a little bit- it’s been giving me a new purpose.

However, I ran out of fabric.

I decided to start printing fabric for more masks, which means I’ve committed to doing this as long as there is a demand. As I print, I’m coming up with more projects and ideas – ebbing and flowing in that creative bubble. I’m so grateful to be able to do this – it’s filling me up at a time that is a bit deflating. I printed a little variety of fabric on one yard, randomly. It was just a way to save time, but I liked how it looked before I cut it up. It made my wheels turn…

I decided to list a these in my shop for those of you that aren’t local – I’m having a difficult time organizing all of the requests from my various social media outlets & texts so maybe this will help. If you have questions, could you email me (kltworks@icloud.com) rather than message me on IG or FB?I’m afraid I’m losing track- which stresses me out. I’m also putting a limit of two masks at a time so that I can get to more people.

*I have to update this post.

I had an accident – it was a dumb mistake- I was rushing. If you are a chef, maker, seamstress, or just a go getter, you may have done this too. I cut off the tip of my finger with a rotary cutter. While I don’t care that I won’t ever be asked to be a hand model in my lifetime, I do care that it will slow me down for a little bit. It’s affecting my ability to print fabric & sew quickly. I’m doing the best I can and appreciate your interest. I does make me happy to offer these to you but I can’t accommodate special orders right now.

I hope all of you are doing well and finding new creative projects to keep you happy. Be safe out there… (& beware of the rotary cutter).

{Hand Printed Textiles} Strange Times

We are living through a very strange time right now. The COVID-19 pandemic is not showing any signs of slowing down & has changed life as we know it. We live in WA which has been listed in the top 10 areas of concern in the US since March. We have been on a Stay Home/Stay Safe order for a few weeks that has now been extended until May 4th. My son will be finishing his 7th grade year at home while Chris will be teaching a full load of online classes for the art department at SVC, Spring Quarter -starting tomorrow. As far as KLT:works is concerned, I’m trying to go with the flow. All of the events that we were scheduled to participate in this Spring were canceled along with all the art workshops & after school art programs. However, I’m maintaining the shop while continuing to make & design. Admittedly, I’ve been moving at a sloth like pace, but hope to get a creative kick soon. There will be free US shipping in the shop here until the end of May as a thank you for your support. Stay tuned for event & workshop updates, there should be many once things get back to a relatively normal state.

It really warms my heart when friends & customers send me pictures of all the creative ways that they utilize & enjoy their KLT:textiles. Seriously, it makes my day. A friend of mine recently shared with me that her printed dinner napkins made great masks using a no-sew tutorial. Another friend, has been posting the many ways his KLT:scarves can keep him safe & stylish during this crazy time. Eddie owns Gordon Skagit Farms & he owns a scarf from every October that I’ve had a pop-up shop at his farm- which is a lot. Needless to say, he has many cool COVID-19 safety options.

If you are reading this, thank you! I appreciate your interest and support. Feel free to send me pictures of how you use what I make. It will guarantee that I do a happy dance that day.

In the meantime, be safe – we’ll get through this together.

{Inspiration} Studio 2020

The last thing that I made in 2019 was a friend inspired tea towel that planted a creative seed for 2020. My creative pal loves to go through my pile of misprinted fabric & ink experiments whenever she visits the studio. Her eyes light up when she sees my heavily printed, ink covered studio towels- one tea towel in particular brings a consistent smile. I thought for a Christmas gift, I’d study these colorful wonders to try to tap into what brings her joy. I started printing in a intuitive manner, pulling screens out, mixing colors & overlapping patterns to see if I could recreate some magic. This process was challenging & rewarding all at the same time & at the end, I had a special tea towel to gift my encouraging muse.

I posted the finished product (which I fondly call the, “Liz” tea towel) on IG & received some incredible feedback. While I usually have confidence when I print & create, I often have a wave of vulnerable insecurity hit me right after I finish. It’s sometimes difficult to be a creative maker in the age of social media- particularly if you work from your heart & soul. However, knowing the process is just as important as the finished product, I embrace the uncertainty of knowing if anyone will like what I make, & post with my fingers crossed- after all, doesn’t everyone want to make work that resonates with someone other than themselves?

2020 brings more experiments & intuitive artistic process in my work. The “Liz” tea towel inspired the “Artist Collection” of collage inspired tea towels and printed fabric that I’m really excited about. I just finished the “Skagit Flats” tea towel that reminds me of the farmland that I drive through daily.

The concept of the “Artist Collection” is really the utilitarian, design version of what I do when I make my paper collages– it’s the same mindset that requires the same confidence and decision making. I hope to hone my skills & maintain both directions as 2020 progresses- it certainly is nice living in that creative bubble as we enter the dark & grey days of winter.

Happy 2020, everyone!

{Music Monday} Screamin Jay…

Pumpkins, costumes, candy, parades & Screamin Jay Hawkins… all in a day. Happy Halloween & Happy Music Monday

* Sayer has decided to dress up as the same thing as last year (even though we made him a Fantastic Mr. Fox (ASH) costume. So, I’ll share last year’s Halloween Music Monday post too – because he will be rockin’ it again.

{photo via}

{Handmade Inspiration} Fun Finds #8 …

Poppytalk Handmade just turned 5 & the celebration is starting with a new market called “indie love”. This is such a great place to find oodles of handmade goodness! Here are  5 of my favorite fun finds – 1 for every year that Poppytalk Handmade has been showcasing handmade goods & emerging design talent. Happy Birthday Poppytalk Handmade!

Pop on over and have a look at everything here

{Everyday Inspiration} an apple a day…

As I sit down to write a blog post on my Mac Book while listening to music through itunes, with my iphone in pocket, & Buzz Lightyear gazing at me from afar- I’m reminded of Steve Jobs’s genius. While reading a number of articles last night about him, I found a quote that particularly resonated with me & felt it appropriate to post. After all, the klt:sketchbook is a place for me to document things that inspire & amaze me & he is the epitome of that. 

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.” 

– Steve Jobs {Stanford commencement speech, June 2005} 
Wow, Steve Jobs will sure be missed!

{Fun} Time to crunch in the leaves…

Wow, things have been busy around here lately! I’m still playing catch up with orders & scrambling to photograph new klt:tees. I just saw this image when I was quickly perusing pinterest on my lunch break. There was just something about it that made me stop and admire it- so it’s my image of the week. This is what I wish for this weekend. How about you? Hope you all have a wonderful weekend & find time to crunch in the leaves or smell the flowers… (depending on where you live)! 

image via here

{Shop Update} Alfred Hitchcock love…

I wasn’t kidding when I said I have lots of new tees on the way. Yep, I picked up another box of klt:works tees from the screen printer on Friday. I’ve been excited about these raven tees for a long time now & have enjoyed dreaming up different ways to photograph them. However, with limited time & the attention span of a 3yr old, making my  photographic dreams into a reality becomes more of a spontaneous adventure that involves a lot of crossed fingers. There is also the fact that I really don’t like modeling the women’s tees. I think somewhere between working from home, becoming a mom, & entering into my 40’s – my crazy body image issues have reached an all time high. But, sometimes I just have to suck it up & leave my insecurities at the door. Chris & I had a date night on Friday night while Sayer had a sleepover at his grandparents house. Part of our fun evening included some wine, dipping into the costume trunk & documenting some tees. 

Then to continue this crazy vision of mine, we all headed out Sunday on a really blustery day- to play in the “wind tunnels” downtown. I love the gritty backdrop of the alleys & was doing my best to channel a little Alfred Hitchcock while trying to catch up with Sayer as he ran & explored all of the cool nooks & crannies. 

So there you have it… raven tees for the whole family! (I have yet to upload the raven onesies & toddler s/s eco tees.) The next two boxes of klt:tees are actually getting printed by a new screen printer that I just found. I can’t wait to see them & have another little documenting adventure… 
{new klt:works tees}
Organic Scoop Raven Tee here 
Organic Unisex Raven Tee here 
Long Sleeve Raven Toddler Tee here

{Music Monday} Colorful Knots…

I don’t always buy albums in full anymore- I tend to pick & choose songs. But the minute I learned that Lisa Hannigan had a new album out I bought the whole album without a second thought.  Her new album is called “Passenger” & I was interested to learn that it was made between the 14th & the 22nd of February 2011 in Bryn Derwyn in Wales and the Church Studios in London. February is my favorite month so that in itself was a cool bit of information to read. Plus, I love things that are recorded like that. The timing for this album’s release is perfect! I’ve been so busy lately & in need of some great music to help me along the way. I’ve been listening to it non-stop in the studio (& in the car) since Wednesday. She even sings a  duet with Ray La Montagne (another studio favorite)- their voices are amazing together. Her videos are always wonderful so I was excited to see this one for “Knots”- it seemed like a good way to start the week. Happy Music Monday! Alright week… bring on the color! 

Photo via here

{Fun} long weekend…

I’m hoping to enjoy some time by the pool this weekend. Chris, Sayer & I all piled into the car with my mom & dad to drive over the mountains to a place called Lake Chelan today. It’s a place we visited every summer when I was a kid & we revisited this tradition when Sayer was born. We met my brother & sister-in-law late this afternoon & are ready to begin our long weekend (we are a week behind). I think I may even unplug a bit &…. relax. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! What are you up to? 

Here’s last year’s post about where I am right now: {Flash Back} weekend getaway

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