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{Fun} Sunshine Award…

This image pretty much sums up how I felt last week when I read this post. It’s quite appropriate, given that this little girl’s mom is the person that made me feel so darn special. Jumping Keira’s mom, Chantale, gave me the Sunshine Award. She’s an avid blogger & blog reader- she’s one of the nicest designers & people you will ever meet. I’m lucky enough to be able to call her a friend- all because of blogging. So this award is particularly sweet. The rules of receiving this award is that you are asked to answer some sunshine questions & pass the award on to 5 blogs who deserve some rays of sunshine too!  So here it goes…
Favorite color: 
I love ALL color. I’m color driven & completely color sensitive. However, if I really think about the colors that I gravitate towards the most often- they would be blues & greens. 

Facebook or Twitter: 
Both really. I like twitter for connecting & chatting quickly-  facebook for checking out everyone’s photos. I actually cruise blogs via FB often too.  I have to say… Pinterest is #1 in my book right now. I’m a very visual person.
Favourite number: 
Hands down …. 17 – with # 7 as a runner up. I always saw them as lucky. After my son was born 11 is also up there. 

twin giraffes

Favorite animal:
I like quirky animals with interesting faces. It’s all about an animal’s eyes that draws me in. On my last trip to the zoo, I realized how completely taken by giraffes I am. I love the way they walk. They are elegant & awkward all at once… and those eyes… that face! (photo via)

Favorite non-alcoholic drink:
Coffee. It’s part of my morning routine. After I swig my morning cup…. I’m good to go. I like iced tea for the afternoon or warm days.
Favorite day of the week:
I like Fridays & Saturday. But I have to say, owning my own biz & working from home, all days tend to blur together.

Classic Owl Tee

My Passion:
Admittedly, I’m a pretty passionate person. I’m passionate about creating- making- design- illustration- books- vintage- my business- photography- my family- learning . This photo sort of sums up a handful of my passions.

Getting or giving presents: 
Oh giving for sure! Although it’s certainly fun to receive. 
Favorite pattern: 
Wow, this is a tough one. There are so many. I’m consistently drawn to dots, diamonds (argyle), & stripes.

Favorite flower:
This is another tough question. I like all flowers. I tend to like flowers that look like they are made from lots of layers of tissue paper. I respond to texture & color combinations. Peonies, Poppies, Dahlias, Roses- when they are really open. But I love peonies when they are closed too!  A single calla lily is also pretty stunning…

(photo here)
Now to conclude my Sunshine Award duties. Here are five blogs that I would like to shine some sun on. Each blog inspires me on a daily/weekly basis…

Hope you have a wonderful week!