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{Inspiration} Paper Moon

First off, the new issue of La Petite Magazine came out last week & it’s a beautiful collection of inspiration. I was particularly excited about my contribution. I know I’ve said it before, but I absolutely love dreaming up my, For the Love of Books article. I came up with the idea of a collection of books that had to do with the stars & the moon last summer inspired by the magazine’s theme & Sayer’s current interests. I knew just what I wanted to do for the photo shoot & I thought I would show you a bit of the “behind the scenes process & inspiration. 
I’ve always loved the vintage images of people posing on the moon & used them as my inspiration. I tried to wrap my brain around how to make a similar backdrop for Sayer to sit on for my La Petite photo shoot.  It was nice to bounce ideas around with Chris – he was really helpful in the process. I ended up painting a star backdrop & a moon that I made out of cardboard.
It was all very balanced & strategic in how things were placed. We had a bench underneath for Sayer to sit on – it was a bit fragile. Sayer & I had a very fun morning  taking a trip to the moon in a rocket ship. I never posed him- he was in a land of make-believe the whole time that was intoxicating.

He still talks about the day that we went to the moon & I’m so happy that we have that day documented! We also have the moon in our bedroom now for a nice reminder that we should never be afraid to reach for the moon.

For the Love of Books, it’s on pages 112 -115 in La Petite Magazine. 

Happy Friday! Hope you have a great weekend! 

vintage photo credits: here & here