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{Four Finds} #8 Rethink & Reuse…

For the first {four finds} of  2011,  I wanted to focus a bit on something that  has been on my mind- rethinking & reusing. January is always a time for me to rethink & regroup. Simplifying everything seems like what I am trying to do both in our home, with my business, & in my designs. I’ve been drawn to a lot of innovative objects lately that fall into the “rethink & reuse” category.

Top to Bottom:

Little Houses Light by Chris Theiss for Hutch Studio- When Chris sent me this picture, I was blown away. I love how it was made from reused materials – not to mention the incredible shadows that it creates! {image via here} 

“Sandbank Sofa” by Christiane Hogner – I recently read an article in Dwell Magazine about Hogner. She is a Brussels based furniture designer who makes things out of castoffs she finds on the streets of Belgium. This sofa was originally made for a project – where she used sandbags. I really like all of her work. {image via here}

“My Camera is out of paper!” by Ching Ching Cheng- This camera made from books knocked my socks off. {image via here}

“Dada Dolls” by Hannah Hoch– Featured in an exhibition catalog called “Toys of the Avant-Garde” which is on view at the Museo Picasso Malaga & written about here.  I’m a huge Hannah Hoch fan & was excited to see her dolls included among all of the other very cool toys. (Note: One of my favorite exhibition books is cut with the kitchen knife: the weimar photomontages of hannah hoch by maud lavin). {image via here}  source 

Do you have a favorite? Have you made something recently from something that you had around the house or found somewhere? Hope you are having a nice Sunday!