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{Textile Tuesday} Anticipating Spring

Back when I was in college, I took my first serigraphy class (screen printing). I was completely hooked & took three more serigraphy classes before I graduated. I really love all printmaking, but there is something about the aesthetic of screen printing that I gravitate towards. Two summers ago, Chris helped me set up a little screen printing studio and I’ve been honing my craft ever since. I’ve been getting more proficient at printing textiles and last spring printed my first collection of scarves at the nudging of the ladies of a great design shop in Bellingham called Ideal. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying making a new line of scarves for this spring/summer that are heavily influenced by my surroundings. 

We live among the beautiful tulip fields in the Skagit Valley and I wanted to create a mid century inspired tulip textile. I was playing with fuchsia and yellow in the anticipation of warmer weather and the fields of color that on the way. 

After printing this weekend, my guys indulged me in heading out to take some photos of my scarves among some of the landscape that currently inspires me. The river is a bit high right now due to all of the rain and I love the reflections and bare trees on the river’s edge. 
I’m pretty lucky that my family indulges my creative whims. I think deep down they enjoy the adventures that we find ourselves on in the pursuit of a that perfect photo that I’m always seeking. 

This is one of the things I’ve been up to lately. How about you? What is keeping you creatively interested?

{Inspiration} Color Wednesday…

Historically, I tend to immerse myself in tons of inspirational research in January- I’m an information sponge. A few Januarys ago, I discovered Vera Neumann by way of a fun thrift store score of a handful of Vera scarves. Since then, I’ve purchased the beautiful book, Vera: The Art and Life of an Icon which I’ve been pouring through all month. My mini collection of Vera scarves have been within reach for an occasional juggle to admire. It’s been rainy and dark day here in the Northwest lately so Sayer & I rediscovered the power of color & the joy of floating fabric.

“Color sings to me. Color is such a marvelous way of expressing emotion. We have so many problems in this world: color just brings a little bit of joy into our lives.”  -Vera Neumann

Nothing like reading about an inspiring designer, surrounding myself in color & juggling beautiful scarves to clear my head. 

I’m in the middle of sorting out some new projects & getting sort of bogged down with details.  I hope to get back to a regular blogging schedule soon- I miss it…  

In the meantime, hope you are enjoying your week & that January treated you well!