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{Fun Finds} It’s looking a lot like… December.

So, today was that super hyped shopping day – Black Friday. While I know it’s good for the economy, it’s just not my thing to brave the crowds or big box stores for that matter. Instead of dealing with the long lines & craziness, I locked myself in the studio & worked on orders. It was nice actually- I was sort of oblivious to the hubbub going on outside. I did need to get my fix of looking at cool things though, so tonight I decided to make another treasury to celebrate small businesses. It’s funny how these collections sort of put themselves together. I was particularly struck with texture, pattern, & color in this one- it’s my December dream list of characters & props. Oh, & the number “36” isn’t particularly significant. Sayer is just really into numbers lately & is counting all of the time & posting numbers all around the house. So that painting was for him. Hope everyone has a nice weekend! 

View treasury live here 
Photo via husavik