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{Cardboard} Give me shelter part II…

Part II of Friday’s post
Not only did Chris have work in the “Shelter”  show at the Anchor Art Space, but he also had a little booth representing the gallery at the local art festival where he constructed a cardboard house in two days, out of small pieces of cardboard, in front of curious spectators. He documented the process in a few instagram shots below. 

Sayer & I visited him working after we stopped by the gallery that weekend to say hi & help a bit – along with finding a little bit of shady shelter (it was actually very hot that weekend). It was so much fun watching the two of them work on this space. I know Sayer has plans for where it’s going to go at home when the festival is finished…. 
It’s so cool that Chris made this with just cardboard- no glue gun or anything. He said because of time, he had to use a few pieces of tape for the roof- but other than that he just notched the cardboard pieces together. The most magical part, is the little mini houses that you saw in the first picture, were strung inside the house when it was finished. 

I always find it so interesting to see how Chris approaches things This project is a good example of how his mind works. All in a few days a cool shelter was built (using one material) – and in about 15 minutes it was taken down & is in a pile in our basement waiting for the perfect opportunity to be constructed again. Another funny thing is the wonderful advertising this house was for Seattle Pottery Supply. Lots of boxes of clay were used for this project as well. I think Cardboard Man lived up to his name on this project, don’t you? 

{Anchor Art Space} Give me “Shelter”…

Last Friday there was an art opening at a fairly new, local gallery called, Anchor Art Space. Chris had three pieces in the show that were all made out of cardboard, having to do with the shows theme “shelter” (they’re in the front windows). Chris & I attended the opening ourselves – yes we had a date night! But on Sunday, I took Sayer to see the show while Chris worked down the street in a booth (representing Anchor Art Space) at the Anacortes Art Festival. I’ll post more about that tomorrow, but for now I wanted to give you a tour of the gallery through the eyes of a 4 1/2 year old. The curators of the exhibit & active board members, Natalie Niblack & Ann Reid, are also art educators – so the gallery has a very child friendly atmosphere. 

Photos by Polly Purvis & “Quilted Cave” by Julia Haack

Jasmine, also the educator at the Museum of Northwest Art, shows Sayer how to work a piece by architect, Tom Theisen. She was very helpful in explaining the art to Sayer along with encouraging him to explore & observe at his own pace. 
Artwork by Eduardo & Britta Johnson

Tricia S Stackle & Andrew Kline 
work by David Hall 

The newest piece that Chris finished was actually inspired by Sayer’s room. The imagery was derived completely by Sayer’s things. The piece was put together at the space for the first time – a pop up sculpture of sorts & Sayer hadn’t seen it yet. This was his first sighting & he loved it! After observing it from all angles, he wanted to document it with a drawing.   

So he drew…. 

... & drew… 

& drew some more.

It was so much fun to see the show with Sayer & to see the curiosity & admiration in his eyes when he saw Chris’ piece. I highly recommend seeing an art gallery/ museum with your kids- it’s really quite refreshing. 

Anchor Art Space – www.anchorartspace.org
Chris Theiss – Check out photos of the set up of his pieces here

Happy Friday! Hope your weekend is full of creativity & interesting sights!

{Inspiration} Caine’s Arcade…

By now you probably know that my husband makes a lot of cool stuff with cardboard. This last weekend he had a booth (representing a local gallery) at an arts festival where he made a house out of pieces of cardboard in 2 days (I’ll get into that more later). During this presentation, he was able to chat with many interesting people & one of them recommended that he see a short film called, “Caine’s Arcade”.  After he watched it, he immediately shared it with Sayer & I. Of course, I was taken with Caine – the 9 year old that made an arcade out of cardboard. So much so, I had to share his film in case you hadn’t heard his story yet. The short film is about 10 minutes long & it’s sure to inspire – check it out…. 

This was just what I needed to see this week. What a nice reminder of the power of creativity & human kindness.  Hope you are having a great week! 

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follow Caine’s Arcade:

{Everyday Inspiration} Kiel Johnson cardboard love…

Holy Moly- aren’t these unbelievable cardboard creations? A friend told me about this post over at Odette Manon & it blew me away (thanks again D!). Then I checked out Kiel Johnson’s website & was hit over the head with his brilliance. I highly recommend taking some time to cruise through it – this post barely scratches the surface of his projects. I particularly love his videos by Theo Jemison too! 
Hope you are having (or had) a wonderful weekend. Did you make anything cool?

All photos from www.kieljohnson.com