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{Music Monday} Muppet love…

I’m a big Flight of the Conchords fan & of course I love the Muppets, so I was really happy to see Bret McKenzie’s Man or Muppet take home the Oscar for best song tonight. I believe I let out a happy yelp when they called Bret’s name. So, how could I not post this video today?  Did you watch the Academy Awards? Who were your favorite nominees & winners?  
Happy Music Monday

{Music Monday} My dream concert…

One of the most frequent {Music Monday} artists mentioned on this blog is Andrew Bird (& most played in my studio). He is one of my favorite musicians without a doubt. The thing that continuously interests me about his music, is his ability to collaborate & contribute to so many cool projects. I was actually planning on doing this post about his contribution to the Muppet Movie Soundtrack (because we saw it this weekend- & I love the song & Kermit). However, I found out about, “Andrew Bird & Ian Schneller’s Sonic Arboretum” at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago & it stopped my in my cyber tracks. What an amazing concert that will be! Ok Santa… did you hear that? Hmmm, well- I suppose that is a real long shot but it’s worth putting on my pretend list. If I was a muppet, I could travel by map. So, If you are in the Chicago area & go to this, will you give me a play by play – complete with a description of what socks he was wearing? 

So,  anyway, back to my original thought – here is a video of my favorite musician singing my favorite frog’s song. And yes, the Muppet Movie was really good. I loved it…. I can’t help but think that the new muppet character, Walter, was inspired a bit by Andrew Bird himself.  Happy Music Monday! Hope you have a great week!
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