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{New Year} A new start…

Is blogging like riding a bicycle? 

I’m about to find out…

This blog has been producing nothing but the sound of crickets for the last few years. It was strange really- after blogging religiously for years, I just stopped. The blogging break started with giving myself permission to take a hiatus due to larger production demands with KLTworks. Then I ended up just filling the time. I could say that instagram filled my blogging void, but that isn’t entirely true. I use instagram for a quick creative outlet, more than a way to document inspiration like I used blogging. As a small business owner (that consists of just me – no employees) & being a mom, time is spread thin anyway, but social media adds a whole new element to the game. I started to feel too accessible – almost longing for the days before computers (yes, I remember those days well).  I was also feeling a bit like I was treading water- some days more successfully than others. My business was turning into being all about production, with no time to design & create which coupled with my mom duties changing because my son was entering grade school. I’ve spent the last year in particular, restructuring, re-prioritizing, & re-grouping – I think I’m ready to start blogging again. I’ve figured a few things out. 

Next week I’m going to start teaching at the local college again- it came from an unfortunate reason, but I’m grateful for the opportunity.  I taught painting/drawing at this college for 12 years – it’s where I met my husband, who teaches ceramics in the same department. I haven’t taught for nearly 7 years – since a few weeks before Sayer was born actually. I’m nervous & excited to teach drawing fundamentals this quarter. I thought it would be fun to incorporate blogging again with this drawing class. I’ve been pinning away on my drawing/painting & installation boards, revisiting shows & books from artists that I was able to see in person during my MFA studies at SVA. It feels good to jump back to what seems like second nature – I look forward to rediscovering  & exploring it all with anyone that still reads blogs.  
So, Happy 2015! It’s nice to be back… Kristin

Happy 2013!

How is 2013 treating you so far? 

We’re just regrouping & dancing our way into the new year. I’m actually in full on planning mode- I have so many new ideas for the studio that I’m just itching to start. But I need to purge & organize first. This is the first time in many years that I didn’t feel the need to move a room around on NYE (I’m sure Chris is grateful). I guess I was too tired this year. Instead, I want to simplify everything so that I can think. Do you ever feel like that in January?

This is just a quick visit to officially wish you all a Happy New year. I hope it’s off to a great start!