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Happy Father’s Day!

These two guys are peas in a pod. Being that I always seem to be the one with a camera in my hand, I have TONS of photos of the two of them. Here are some of my favorites that I took  during photo shoots for klt:works in the last year or so (except the second one that was taken right before Sayer’s end of the year pre-school performance a few weeks ago). I love watching them together. Chris is a wonderful dad & you can just see the mutual adoration between the two of them. Oh, & yes – there are a tremendous amount of klt:tees in our laundry at all times – but we do own clothes that aren’t klt:works too. 

But a father’s day post really wouldn’t be complete without a photo of me & my dad (yes, that is me – not Sayer). Not only is Sayer lucky in the father department, but so am I. My dad has always been there for me.

And now, he is best buddies with Sayer – which is also awesome to witness. So happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there! You are very much appreciated!