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{Inspiration} Studio 2020

The last thing that I made in 2019 was a friend inspired tea towel that planted a creative seed for 2020. My creative pal loves to go through my pile of misprinted fabric & ink experiments whenever she visits the studio. Her eyes light up when she sees my heavily printed, ink covered studio towels- one tea towel in particular brings a consistent smile. I thought for a Christmas gift, I’d study these colorful wonders to try to tap into what brings her joy. I started printing in a intuitive manner, pulling screens out, mixing colors & overlapping patterns to see if I could recreate some magic. This process was challenging & rewarding all at the same time & at the end, I had a special tea towel to gift my encouraging muse.

I posted the finished product (which I fondly call the, “Liz” tea towel) on IG & received some incredible feedback. While I usually have confidence when I print & create, I often have a wave of vulnerable insecurity hit me right after I finish. It’s sometimes difficult to be a creative maker in the age of social media- particularly if you work from your heart & soul. However, knowing the process is just as important as the finished product, I embrace the uncertainty of knowing if anyone will like what I make, & post with my fingers crossed- after all, doesn’t everyone want to make work that resonates with someone other than themselves?

2020 brings more experiments & intuitive artistic process in my work. The “Liz” tea towel inspired the “Artist Collection” of collage inspired tea towels and printed fabric that I’m really excited about. I just finished the “Skagit Flats” tea towel that reminds me of the farmland that I drive through daily.

The concept of the “Artist Collection” is really the utilitarian, design version of what I do when I make my paper collages– it’s the same mindset that requires the same confidence and decision making. I hope to hone my skills & maintain both directions as 2020 progresses- it certainly is nice living in that creative bubble as we enter the dark & grey days of winter.

Happy 2020, everyone!

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