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{Good Read} Uppercase #11 love…

My love of UPPERCASE Magazine isn’t new. I’ve been a fan for awhile now- I’m only missing the 1st issue in my cherished collection. The magazine never ceases to inspire & delight me. I’m always amazed at how timely the topics are- it seems like each issue is always full of everything I’m currently interested in.  Now I know I say this EVERY time, but issue number 11 is my absolute favorite so far. In addition to the stellar content- there is another reason why I was thrilled when I flipped through the pages… 

Sayer was pretty excited to see the “Wise Old Owls” article too- particularly the {covet} page (pg 101). It’s always nice to get a nod or mention in print- but when it is in a favorite magazine that is so beautifully curated & designed, it’s particularly smile inducing. 
I’m still savoring the magazine but here are four articles that caught my attention right away. 

carving a niche : the small marvels of artist diam chau – page 39-41
scherenschnitte – page36-37
Scratching the Surface – page 86-87
fibre and fire : Lizz Aston – page 82-85

Funny, but two of these articles caught my attention because of Chris. He is a ceramicist & has been doing “sgraffito” for over 20 years in his personal work– which is where I first learned the term. In the work that he does for hutch studio, he has been exploring the concept of “sherenschnitte” over the last few years. So I the, Scratching the Surface and scherenschnitte articles, stood out to me in particular. 

This is truly a gorgeous magazine & I don’t have enough thumbs to give it the “thumbs up” that it deserves. If you are local to where I live – you can find this great magazine (in person) at, ideal: carefully curated goods,  in Bellingham, WA. 

Thanks Janine, you made my day. Kudos on other fantastic issue!