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{Hand-Printed Textiles} Getting Resourceful

When we were first told to “Stay Home and Stay Safe” due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I spent a lot of time organizing & cleaning out my studio spaces. As I was digging through stacks of fabric that I printed years ago, I was continuously asked if I was going to make masks. So, I thought utilizing all of my new found stacks of printed fabric might be a good idea. I started making masks with a tutorial that my doctor’s office recommended- one that has a pocket for a filter and has adjustable elastic that go over the ears. I made 25 and gave them away to local nurses, front line workers, and vulnerable folks in the valley. I saw it as a way of giving a hug or a little extra kindness. However, the demand was so big that I found myself making more and having to get creative when sourcing elastic. It slowly became all I was doing.

Chris and I came up with a system- he cuts, & I sew. I offer up curbside pick-up and found that it was my favorite part of the process. I get a little hop in my step when I know people are going to come pick up their masks. I love all of the conversations that I’ve had with people and it fills me up that my masks are making people smile & feel a little safer. The social worker, bleeding heart part of me eats this project up. It’s nice to feel like I’m helping just a little bit- it’s been giving me a new purpose.

However, I ran out of fabric.

I decided to start printing fabric for more masks, which means I’ve committed to doing this as long as there is a demand. As I print, I’m coming up with more projects and ideas – ebbing and flowing in that creative bubble. I’m so grateful to be able to do this – it’s filling me up at a time that is a bit deflating. I printed a little variety of fabric on one yard, randomly. It was just a way to save time, but I liked how it looked before I cut it up. It made my wheels turn…

I decided to list a these in my shop for those of you that aren’t local – I’m having a difficult time organizing all of the requests from my various social media outlets & texts so maybe this will help. If you have questions, could you email me (kltworks@icloud.com) rather than message me on IG or FB?I’m afraid I’m losing track- which stresses me out. I’m also putting a limit of two masks at a time so that I can get to more people.

*I have to update this post.

I had an accident – it was a dumb mistake- I was rushing. If you are a chef, maker, seamstress, or just a go getter, you may have done this too. I cut off the tip of my finger with a rotary cutter. While I don’t care that I won’t ever be asked to be a hand model in my lifetime, I do care that it will slow me down for a little bit. It’s affecting my ability to print fabric & sew quickly. I’m doing the best I can and appreciate your interest. I does make me happy to offer these to you but I can’t accommodate special orders right now.

I hope all of you are doing well and finding new creative projects to keep you happy. Be safe out there… (& beware of the rotary cutter).

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