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{shop update} photoshoots & play…

It’s been really busy around here lately & I’ve been attached to my camera. I work with a local screen printer & have had about 5 orders sitting at his studio for over a month now – to say he has been overwhelmed is a bit of an understatement (I’ve had to count to 10 -sometimes 20 many times this last month). However, new products have been slowly trickling in this week & I’ve been going full speed ahead. With new products comes many photoshoots & the need to be extra creative as to how I’m going to photograph my independent little kiddo- who has his own ideas about what the day will bring. I’ve been getting him excited about the new additions to his closet & taking the camera with us everywhere we go, in hopes of getting some interesting shots. One of Sayer’s favorite things to say to me on days like this is, “Mommy, look at me with your eyes- put the camera away!”.  

Yesterday we started our adventure at the local farmer’s market on the water front & cruised around that area for a bit- including looking for trolls under bridges & hanging out in the wind tunnels (alleys). Sayer was wearing the new klt:works Rabbit tee & it wasn’t until I saw this last photo that I realized that the small klt:logo was missing on the back of the tee (where the tag is) -use your imagination as to what choice words came to mind. Ok, I won’t dwell on that- moving on. So later after a snack & a rest, Sayer was a champ & allowed me to take some photos of him in studio reading the Velveteen Rabbit.    

These next photos were taken on the evening Sayer got his first pair of glasses. I wanted document that momentous event anyway … so I had him wear one of the new Squirrel Cardigans.

We live a hop skip & a jump from my old high school (yes, it does feel a little weird at times) & now that school is out for the summer, we use the campus as our own little play area. Sayer loves to ride his bike over there & play “school”. There are random desks & chairs hanging around outside & Chris & I take turns being the “teacher”.  He basically drove himself to & from the photoshoot which makes me smile- he’s such a pro. 
Just a day in the life of the klt:works family… Stay tuned for more shop updates. There is so much more to share. 
Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend! How do you celebrate the 4th of July or Canada Day?