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{OWL} First meeting…

The first time I held a baby was about 37 years ago – it was my brother Brian, & I was 4 years old. On the day he was born, I actually got my first pair of glasses (which is only just a side note but an important detail to me). I took my job as an older sister very seriously- I still do. I really enjoyed helping my mom take care of him. It was like having a real live doll &  I have fond memories cuddling with him.

At the end of February, my brother & his wife had their first baby. His name is Owen Walker Loffer (aka OWL). I was obviously excited for all of us, but particularly excited for Sayer. I couldn’t wait for him to have a chance to hold his little cousin – he is exactly that same age that  I was when Brian was born. Sayer also takes the responsibility of being an older cousin seriously- we have chatted about it often. We took a little road trip this weekend to meet  Owen & Sayer finally got to hold him.

We all wore our owl tees & had our chance to hang out with the cozy OWL. It was a very cool day. I love this photo of my brother, son, & nephew – full circle. I think these guys will have lots of fun together in the years ahead.

So that is our big news. What did you do this weekend?