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{Halloween} Costume Parade …

We are costume people & Halloween is our holiday. If you have followed this blog for awhile, you know that we make our costumes every year & really enjoy the process. It never fails, but we usually end up making them all about 48 hours before Halloween (& sometimes it’s 24). This year was no exception. October is always so busy for all of us – my goal is to finish or manage making orders so I can take a break to make our costumes- Chris always comes up with something cool on his own so I don’t have to worry about that. Honestly, it goes back to art school days- I love the adrenaline rush of doing things at the last minute I think. We’ve been reading Roald Dahl books to Sayer lately (along with watching the old school movies to match). We just finished Charlie & the Chocolate Factory and Sayer came up with what we should be for Halloween this year. I love trying to wrap my brain around how to make what he suggests… like a Wonka Bar & how to make Oompa Loompa hair. This is what we came up with…. 

Speaking of Roald Dahl… I made this Fantastic Mr. Fox (Ash) mask for Sayer last year & he didn’t end up wearing it, so it became his costume for his pre-school Halloween party this year (that was a week earlier than Halloween so the other wasn’t made yet). As you may notice, the Ash costume was the beginning of the Oompa Loompa costume. It worked out quite nicely actually.
As I do every Halloween, I like to trip down memory lane a bit.  We started documenting our costume madness with a family photo three years ago. We’ll do it as long as we can pull it together. I actually didn’t think it was going to happen this year-  it was a long & rainy day into night & we were all a bit disheveled & tired.  But a tradition is a tradition…  

2011 (Circus Family 2) & 2010 (Circus Family 1)

2009 (Cardboard Robots) & 2008 (Plankton)

Wow, time flies! It’s so fun to see how we all grow. I hope Sayer looks back on Halloween fondly. I know I do…. 

What do you do for Halloween? Do you have any family traditions? Do you like to dress up?
Hope you all had a great Halloween!

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{Photos} all about the costumes…

Every Halloween since Sayer was a baby, we took photos of him in his costume. But last year we started a tradition of taking a family portrait of the three of us in our costumes- by setting the timer on our camera. This Halloween Sayer went as the same thing as last (as much as we tried for something else). He was an Aquabat at home & a fireman in La Connner last year. He actually didn’t wear the Aquabat much – he was the fireman most of the time & this year he enjoyed the Aquabat costume a lot. As for Chris & I, we dipped into our costume trunk. Chris has always made costumes for himself at Halloween & I have my fair share stowed away- so our trunk is full of options. I actually ended up wearing my mom’s old clown costume (circa ’70’s) that she wore when I was Sayer’s age- it even smelled like her old Charlie perfume even after several washings. I had my old clown costume from my pre-school days out for Sayer to wear- but he wasn’t interested at all. There is something about dressing up that I really enjoy- particularly as a clown. It brings out the ham in me. So I took a few photos of myself – some without the goofy glasses (or my own for that matter) before the Halloween festivities started. I have to say, I enjoy having really big hair! Chris was somewhat taken with my clown self. He told me that when he looks at these pictures, he sees the woman that he married…. hmmm. I know what he means though- I feel the same way actually. I might have to revisit being a clown every now & then…

I think it’s important to dress up & goof around. Life can be too serious sometimes- so it can take the edge off. Sayer seems to enjoy it too. We recently went to a pre-school Halloween party with him & we were some of the only adults that dressed up. Sayer told us that he was really proud of us & enjoyed the fact we dressed up with him. You don’t really have to twist our arm much. I suppose we had better enjoy it now before he is a teenager & pretends that he doesn’t know us.

Yesterday afternoon there was a Halloween parade in the town of La Conner – where my parents live (& we used to live). The town is charming & small – perfect for a parade. Sayer has not developed my sweet tooth yet – so we just cruised the streets without stopping for candy at the shops, but a lollipop caught his eye & he was quite excited to try one. He held on to it the whole time & it turned into more of a prop. 

It’s pretty cool that Sayer gets to enjoy hanging out with his grandparents so often (my dad is above) & the joys of a small quaint town. I was really glad to have met up with the three of them in time to walk with Sayer down the street during the parade & enjoy a little of the small town charm myself. Chris met us later to go trick or treating in La Conner before we all headed home. What a way to start the week! What did you do last night? Do you like to dress up in costumes?