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{Creative Process} skeletons, tees, & plush….

Back in May, I posted about my kiddo’s love of the human body & how his fascination started (thank you, They Might Be Giants). His interest in how the body works & his ability to draw has continuously grown since then- spending more time at his easel & exploring  the human body though his own expanding collection of human body books. 

Sayer & I have spent more time together in the studio lately too. Over the summer, we were practically studio mates. He has his own space in my studio that he works in & it didn’t take long for his drawings to start oozing out of his space into mine. I would find stacks of skeleton & body drawings on my work table, in his room, in the living room… everywhere. One rainy day, we decided to test out some new fabric markers. He wanted to make himself a skeleton doll. So, after he was done drawing on the fabric, I made him one. That essentially gave me the idea to do a small screen printing run of one of his skeleton drawings for tees & plushies for KLTworks.
His tees turned out so fun & there was a great response. So much so, it prevented me (time wise) to even post this when they were finished – which was my original plan. I ended up doing a second run with a bigger variety of sizes – including adult tees! We are now a skeleton wearing family. I can honestly say, I wear my tee proudly…. often. 

The skeleton dolls are really sweet too. I used fabrics on the back that reminded me of Sayer- things that he may have drawn himself & the palette from his scraps of paper. This was a really fun project. I loved working with him & teaching him the whole process of product development- right down to taking photos of his dolls when they were finished.

Sayer told me that when he was older, he wanted to work at KLTworks. I’m not sure he really knows how much a part of it he really is. He’s my inspiration, star model, & now contributing designer. I look forward to lots more studio time with him & many more cool projects ahead.

You can find skeleton tees in sizes 2T – 12- here  & XS- XL – here
Skeleton Dolls – here

Hope you are having a great week. What are you up to? Anyone making Halloween costumes? 

{Music Monday} Music to draw…

My 4yr old is like a little, curious sponge & I find it fascinating. I bought, Here Comes Science (They Might Be Giants) for him when he was 1 in total anticipation for the day he would love listening to it. I forgot about it until I was cruising through the itunes library in our old computer a few weeks ago (we recently moved the computer into my studio). The album came with very cool videos to the songs as well & Sayer & I re-discovered them one rainy Saturday while we were in the studio together. It was absolutely the most timely & perfect discovery. While he loves the entire album (the solar system is also drawn frequently), he is particularly taken with the Bloodmobile. 

He listens, sings, & draws the song non-stop. When he watches the video, he pauses it – draws something- plays it – pauses it – draws – plays… you get the idea. He loves the “H” (for human body) encyclopedia at grandma & grandpa’s house & uses our anatomy books when he is home as reference. He draws the insides of the human body whenever he gets a chance. It can entertain him for a long time. There are little pieces of paper, big pieces of paper & sketchbooks full of pictures around the house. I find the heart, lungs, & kidneys everywhere. He & Chris even made a human heart & lungs in clay the other day- they’re just waiting to be fired in the kiln. 

Sayer always draws whatever he is interested in at the time, obsessively. For awhile, it was presidents & money. There were little pieces of green paper with George Washington or Obama scattered about. So, I’m always curious as to what I will find in his cubby at preschool. His teachers are awesome about encouraging individuality & his cubby is usually overflowing. Last week, while everyone else had soft, & fluffy cotton ball covered sheep puppets, this was Sayer’s … 

Wow, that’s powerful music that can inspire such dedication. When I think about what is really playing in my studio these days… I have to be honest-  it’s Here Comes Science most of the time (it is quickly changed when I have the place to myself). Sayer got to go to the doctor today for his yearly check up & had the opportunity to share all of his drawings, new knowledge & Bloodmobile love – so how could I not choose this song for Music Monday? Happy Music Monday everyone! What is on repeat in your ipod/stereo?