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{studio update} recycled sweaters…

This week was super rainy here in the NW. I’m generally not one to let the weather bring me down – I grew up a northwest girl after all. But man – it’s been down right dreary! So, I felt the need to make cozy, wool snuggly things in between filling orders. This of course comes from the major spring cleaning kick I’ve been on too.  
Over the years I’ve sort of become a bit of a pack rat (to say the least). It’s really hard to part with clothes in particular. Even if they don’t fit, if I really like the texture, pattern, or color – I just can’t seem to part. Well, I found a solution for that a while back & I started making sweater slug plush out of my old sweaters. I now have a new stack of sweaters to work with from my latest purge. These are some of my longtime favorites. It was hard to make the first cut, but I quickly got over it when my critters came to life. I even made a sleepy owl (that was seriously a self portrait that day). 

I have to say, I enjoy making these cuddly plushies with sweaters that already have a story.  The plush section of the KLTworks Etsy shop is sure filling up! Not only did I have fun making these, but I had fun taking instagrams of them as well. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! What are your plans? Maybe there is some sun in my  future & I’ll have to start working with cotton seersucker….