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{La Petite} For the Love of Books…

I don’t think Rachelle knows how much I truly enjoy the opportunity to contribute “For the Love of Books” to La Petite Magazine. I don’t think I honestly knew how much I would look forward to hearing what the next theme of the magazine was just so I could start dreaming up what I would write about – & then what I would photograph to go with it. My love of books & research is only part of what interests me in this project. Being that I am totally immersed in the day to day life of a small business owner/designer & mom, it is nice to be given a creative challenge on a continuous basis that is completely unrelated. I love coming up with a direction & including Sayer in my adventure. While I think I say it each time I write the book feature, this one is my favorite. Sayer & I played a little Swiss make- believe one day. This photoshoot with him was somewhat spontaneous too. We were actually taking photos for my fox tee that we had just picked up & I packed a bag of various things just in case it got chilly & the opportunity for more photos presented itself (the attention span of a toddler is unpredictable). The day was gorgeous & we headed out to enjoy the weather at one of my favorite local places. We read our Pippi book (that was a sweet gift from a blog reader) on a break & then got out Sayer’s ukelele for what turned into a Sound of Music moment. The lighting was great & I took photos as Sayer explored – I loved it! My vision was coming to life & it is particularly exciting when that happens. The scarf he was wearing was actually mine – it was getting chilly so I took it off me & put it on him. His whole outfit came together organically.These photos make me smile & remember a fun day- so I wanted to share them. Every time I send Rachelle my writing & photos, I get nervous about whether it will fit her vision. What I’m always so amazed at, is how well it fits in with the rest of the contributions & general feel of the magazine. I was tickled to see that my view of the Swiss Alps & Mountain children was fairly spot on

When I saw this photoshoot spread on Monday, I was tickled. I posted this picture yesterday as a favorite from the magazine. It almost looks like we could have been in the same place! This was my fourth, “For the Love of Books”, & I’m so excited to start on the fifth one! Thanks for including me Rachelle- it’s truly a joy to be a part of your magazine. I have so much fun!

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