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{Music Monday} Collaborations & Connections…

I may have mentioned before that was involved in dance classes for pretty much all of my childhood & teen years. Actually an injury is what shifted my attention to painting & art. So, I honed my musical ear towards more instrumental music before my artistic shift. I appreciated experimental music & collaboration from a really early age because of my dance background I think.

I love to learn about artists & the connections that they have with one another. Coincidentally or maybe not- I often tend to like the work of artists who are friends & in different disciplines. I found out about John Cage (musician/composer), Merce Cunningham (dancer/choreographer) & Robert Rauschenberg (fine artist/painter/sculptor) at the same time oddly enough- in college while I was an art major. I was really enamored with the school they all went to called Black Mountain College & dreamed of going to a place where all disciplines were combined. These three guys became favorite artists of mine not only for their work, but for their personalities & attitude about creating.
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On my lunch break research tangent, I looked up John Cage because of the NPR tiny desk concert today & stumbled on this little gem. I didn’t realize that he composed music for the film, “Works by Calder”. Alexander Calder is one of my favorite artists as well & one of the reasons I started making mobiles 6 years ago. I felt it was appropriate that when I was packing & shipping mobiles today, I should be listening to this.  Happy Music Monday!

{Photos} Leap!

Some of my favorite leapers:

 Happy Leap Day!