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Happy Thanksgiving!

Over the river & through the flats, to grandmother’s (& grandfather’s) house we go- La Conner to be exact. 

Turkeys used to roam the streets of La Conner freely- which was so cool to see. However, they were asked to move & are hanging out somewhere else today. So, I guess we won’t see them this year. 

We are all going to take it easy today. Maybe we’ll watch a movie, listen to music … or a enjoy a game of Twister (Sayer’s new favorite game) before our food coma hits. 

Then it’s back over the river for us. It will be a simple & easy day. But there will be thankful reflection for sure. The list is long. Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends (& happy day to my International buddies) ! What are you up to today?

vintage toys via here