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{In the Studio} Polyfil & Plush

It’s been a bustling studio in the last few weeks! I’ve never made so many thread drawing plush in such a short period of time. We’ve been living in a world of polyfil & boxes thanks to the KLTworks sale at Fab.com last week and I’m finally emerging from the studio & trying to catch up on life. Chris took this photo Sunday at midnight, right after we finished the last plush heading to Fab.com and I thought I would share. 

Hope you are all having a great week! What have you been up to?

{Design} Just FABulous…

As you most likely know, I’m a bit of a design junkie. I love all things design and when I discovered Fab.com last year, (thanks to my friends at Ideal) I was in heaven. So, it’s pretty darn cool that I was asked to have a KLTworks sale on Fab.com recently. I’ve been busily getting ready for it – printing more things at one time than I ever have and then photographing them! I’ve literally been buried in boxes & tees for the last few weeks. Not to mention, sewing tons of thread drawing plush pillows. 

But It  sure was exciting to see it go live on Valentine’s Day – I’ve been busy ever since! I took the opportunity to debut new colors, styles & designs during the sale – all of the apparel is for adults, at a really great price. If you are a Fab.com fan, pop on over to check it out. The sale goes until Thursday.  In the meantime, I’ll packing & shipping….

Hope you have a great week! 

Fab.com: KLTworks Sale