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{Inspiration} Mary Blair…

Mary Blair’s art has inspired me for a really long time, but I didn’t always know it. Whether it was through my Golden Books that she had illustrated or Disney’s,  Alice in Wonderland, I was aware of her illustrations & way with color at an early age. 

It was visiting Disneyland as a 4th grader & getting to see, It’s a Small World  that made the biggest impact me artistically though. This is actually a photo that I recently found – I had taken it on one of my Disneyland visits as a kid (I only went a few times). I’m not really sure what year- but in the 80’s. It’s a Small World really knocked my socks off & I often thought about how I could try to reconstruct it (while listening to the Disney record of course). 

As an adult I still enjoy her illustrations & creative vision- along with appreciating It’s a Small World even more. Happy 100th Birthday Mary Blair!  

Another inspiring Mary Blair video link

Have a great weekend!