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{Music Monday} Play & Repeat…

I’m honoring my old blogging routine by bringing back the Music Monday feature. Music is a huge part of my life & a necessity in the studio when I’m working. My musical tastes vary dramatically depending on mood & what I’m doing. I suppose everyone is like that.  I learned quickly when Chris & I started living together, that if, There Goes Rhymin’ Simon is playing, that means Chris is dusting or deep cleaning. For me, I find that I like mellow music with a nice rhythm when I’m screen printing. What seems to get consistent studio play is the fairly new, Bahamas is Afie, album. Here’s one of my favorite songs of the album- along with a little snippet that introduced me to the great trick of putting my iPhone in a (an empty) mug when listening to music. I like listening to Afie talk about his philosophy for the album as well – it’s one that resonates with me & my work right now.

So, this album is my recent “go to” album – one that I can play continuously without the need to wash the ink off my hands & switch it out. 

What are you listening to these days?