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{Inspiration} Mary Blair…

Mary Blair’s art has inspired me for a really long time, but I didn’t always know it. Whether it was through my Golden Books that she had illustrated or Disney’s,  Alice in Wonderland, I was aware of her illustrations & way with color at an early age. 

It was visiting Disneyland as a 4th grader & getting to see, It’s a Small World  that made the biggest impact me artistically though. This is actually a photo that I recently found – I had taken it on one of my Disneyland visits as a kid (I only went a few times). I’m not really sure what year- but in the 80’s. It’s a Small World really knocked my socks off & I often thought about how I could try to reconstruct it (while listening to the Disney record of course). 

As an adult I still enjoy her illustrations & creative vision- along with appreciating It’s a Small World even more. Happy 100th Birthday Mary Blair!  

Another inspiring Mary Blair video link

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  1. Layers and Layers
    22 October 2011

    its a small world was my most memorable moment the first time I saw it. Its was disney all wrapped up for me. Nice to know something of the person behind it. Thank you.

  2. ChantaleP
    27 October 2011

    I've always wondered who drew Alice as it's my absolute favourite! I learn something new every time I visit your blog Kristin. Sadly, when we brought Keira to Disneyland a few years ago, the It's a Small World venue was closed for construction but at a Disney the Incredibles ice show, they had it as a moving number and it was her absolute fave part of the show!

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