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{Art Show} The Lincoln Theatre

The Lincoln Theatre is one of my favorite places in our valley. My history with this theatre goes way back.It was one of the original movies theaters in downtown Mount Vernon. I remember vividly going to see, On Golden Pond, Flash Dance, and Tootsie there back in the ’80’s.Now the Lincoln is a place to see plays, music, and indie films – it’s been restored and didn’t lose any of it’s original charm. There is still an organ player that plays before the films start.

A really nice feature at the Lincoln is the Art Bar. It’s here that artists get a chance to show their work and people can hang out and enjoy a beverage before and after the events that they attend. I’m lucky enough to be the featured artist for the month of February and we just had a reception for the exhibit this last weekend. The first image is a serigraph that I just made that was inspired by the Lincoln.It’s my interpretation of the view from the stage of a seated crowd. I thought it would be nice to post some of the work that is in the show right now for those of you that can’t attend. Most of the pieces are serigraphs that I’ve been working on within the last year. I’ll walk you through the show… 

The imagery that you see in my work is originally drawn with thread on canvas using free-motion sewing and I included some of my first thread drawing portraits in the exhibit for reference. I really love the continuous line quality that I can get from the thread. When I am happy with an image, I then scan it and make a screen from it to use in the screen printing process. You can view my thread drawing process and more of my thread drawings here and here

I know I’ve said this before and I’m sure I’ll say it again many times, but I’m really lucky to know, let alone be married to, Chris. We make a good creative team. He’s a master at hanging shows and figuring out how to hang this whole show by utilizing picture molding on the uneven walls of an old building was a trick. He also proved to be a great bartender at the opening. The little details like the wine bottles and cans of flowers from our yard being covered by my prints – and my printed scarf used as a table cloth, was all him. I also like his signature look- a skinny tie with a hoodie. Chris is the whole package. 

Thanks for walking through the show with me. Have you seen anything noteworthy lately?


  1. Brynne
    25 February 2015

    Incredible…beautiful…inspiring. As always:)

  2. KLT
    11 March 2015

    Thanks so much Brynne!!

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