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{Music Monday} Maps…

My kiddo loves maps. One of his favorite things to do is to visit the AAA (American Auto Association) office in town to get maps (the best use of our membership ever). He gets giddy with excitement & ends up pouring through them for hours. He’s a perfect travel companion. While driving, he loves to read street signs – so we are always taking new ways home from places. Being that I’m a big They Might Be Giants fan, I’ve bought him all of their albums for kids. The new favorite song that literally is on ALL OF THE TIME is this one…. 

I think I even have all of the countries memorized now. He sings & draws the lyrics non-stop. He even brought the song to his last, pre-school, show & tell. Yesterday, Sayer started drawing a map in the morning & almost finished it before he went to bed – complete with a trail, park, & restaurant key. His is fascinated with the world map too. Sayer even drew me a map so that he could mark off where I send KLTworks tees. It’s particularly cool that his skeleton tee has been shipped to at least 6 different countries now & he knows where they are. 

His enthusiasm for new things is infectious & we have been learning a lot around here. I can only imagine what he will be interested in next… & what They Might Be Giants song with go with it  (you may remember the Blood Mobile post from awhile back). 
At night he likes to study maps before he goes to bed. He says it’s, “a nice way to travel”. 
So happy Music Monday! Hope your week is full of adventure! 

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  1. Chantale Park
    7 February 2013

    I always smile when I see Sayer. His mind is a huge playing field of creativity.. his synapses must be in overdrive! It's amazing to see the world through his eyes. Still full of wonder. I hope it stays this way for a very very long time.. Where do you keep all his works of art??