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{Fun Finds} For the new year…

I feel a like I’m jumping into the new year in slow motion. I have so many ideas swimming around in my brain but I need some time to sit & ponder a bit before I start in on anything new. Sometimes just letting my brain ebb & flow between creative thoughts is what I need. One of the things that I like doing to let me brain wander is create an Etsy Treasury. This time I started with these three cool items & went from there. 

I got Sayer a smaller version of this Peg & Awl chalkboard & it’s fantastic. With kiddo’s love of pencils & drawing, I couldn’t help but be drawn to these adorable & cozy scarfs from Sara Carr. I also really love these prints from Blanca Gomez & can easily envision them on our wall. 

You can view this whole collection of loveliness live here.

Happy Monday!