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{Thrilled Thursday} Play & Repeat…

Ok, so “thrilled” may be a bit strong, but seeing this Andrew Bird video this morning via Etsy was really cool- it’s awesome! If you’ve been here before, you know that Andrew Bird is my all time favorite musician & I’ve been enjoying his new album in the studio non-stop since its release. The thing that sort of blew my mind, was that this video embraces everything that Sayer is interested in right now (space, human body, putting together drawings).  I showed it to him & he went bananas! We watched it 6 times before school this morning. I’m particularly excited that it’s possibly replaced the bloodmobile video. This is a video/song that I don’t mind playing over & over-  I really can’t picture myself saying, “Sayer, will you turn off that Andrew Bird now?.  I hope you enjoy the video as much as we do! It was just what I needed on this rainy Thursday. I just couldn’t wait until Music Monday….
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