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{Music Monday} Texture & Tone…

Andrew Bird’s new album, Break it Yourself, came out last Tuesday & it’s been playing non-spot in the studio ever since. I actually listened to it & became hooked when it was available on npr’s “first listen” before the album release. I know Andrew Bird gets a lot of blog time here at the klt:sketchbook, but he really is my favorite musician. It’s his approach to music & his willingness to experiment that I’m really struck by. This album has received mixed reviews being called, songs of quiet contemplation” which I really respond positively to- it’s perfect for when I work in the studio. It also was recommended to listen to it early in the morning or late at night- not during busy/rushing hours. I suppose that may explain why I like it as well. AB seems to take risks & explore things that he is interested in, rather than being concerned strictly with what is going to sell. Which as an artist myself, I embrace & admire. 

“Since I first picked up the violin, I’ve been very interested in tone and texture: I would have very visceral reactions to the texture of a snare drum or a pedal steel guitar or a violin,” Bird tells NPR’s Linda Wertheimer. “To this day, I’m still very interested in the range, palette and colors that I have to work with.”

I listened to this great music interview yesterday on npr called, Andrew Bird’s World of Wit, Whimsy and Whistling (March 11, 2012) that’s worth a listen if you are an AB fan —> here This quote from npr interview really struck a cord with me – I can identify 100% with his words as they are my interests in my work as well (but substituting musical instruments with drawing/painting instruments). Happy Music Monday

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