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{Shop Update} Alfred Hitchcock love…

I wasn’t kidding when I said I have lots of new tees on the way. Yep, I picked up another box of klt:works tees from the screen printer on Friday. I’ve been excited about these raven tees for a long time now & have enjoyed dreaming up different ways to photograph them. However, with limited time & the attention span of a 3yr old, making my  photographic dreams into a reality becomes more of a spontaneous adventure that involves a lot of crossed fingers. There is also the fact that I really don’t like modeling the women’s tees. I think somewhere between working from home, becoming a mom, & entering into my 40’s – my crazy body image issues have reached an all time high. But, sometimes I just have to suck it up & leave my insecurities at the door. Chris & I had a date night on Friday night while Sayer had a sleepover at his grandparents house. Part of our fun evening included some wine, dipping into the costume trunk & documenting some tees. 

Then to continue this crazy vision of mine, we all headed out Sunday on a really blustery day- to play in the “wind tunnels” downtown. I love the gritty backdrop of the alleys & was doing my best to channel a little Alfred Hitchcock while trying to catch up with Sayer as he ran & explored all of the cool nooks & crannies. 

So there you have it… raven tees for the whole family! (I have yet to upload the raven onesies & toddler s/s eco tees.) The next two boxes of klt:tees are actually getting printed by a new screen printer that I just found. I can’t wait to see them & have another little documenting adventure… 
{new klt:works tees}
Organic Scoop Raven Tee here 
Organic Unisex Raven Tee here 
Long Sleeve Raven Toddler Tee here

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