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{Good Read} Gift from Finland…

When you watch world events unfold on the news you can sometimes forget that there are random acts of kindness happening minute to minute around the world. They may seem insignificant when measured against some of the large & terrifying things one sees happening these days. However, never underestimate kindness- it does the heart & soul good for both the receiver & the giver. Social networking has made it even more fun to surprise people with kindness. After all, when you write about things that you love all of the time, you are somewhat an open book & the opportunities to connect with like minded people is even greater. Where is this all coming from you ask? Well, I just received this package last week that sort of stunned me really. It came to me in a Marimekko box no less- filled with greatness from Finland. A fellow children’s book lover that I connected with through some blog posts about the Red Balloon & Fantastic Mr. Fox sent it to me. We both love the same children’s books & she picked up these wonderful books (along with some great Moomin postcards) for me while on holiday in Finland “just because”. Nothing like Moomin, Pippi, & the knowledge that someone thought of you, to brighten your day. Thank you Tea

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Did you do something nice for someone today?

Illustration Snippets from:
“Who will Comfort Toffle? a tale of Moomin Valley” by Tove Jansson
“Do You Know Pippi Longstocking”by Astrid Lindgren & pictures by Ingrid Nyman


  1. tea
    1 August 2011

    =) and <3

  2. tea
    1 August 2011

    =) and <3

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