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{Fun Finds} timo inspiration…

Those that know me or have followed this blog for awhile will not be surprised that I love the design line, Timo. You most likely also understand my interest in characters, textiles & drawing with thread (see my thread figures here). The Timo designs just really speak to me – ALL of them! When I saw the gentleman with a black hat, it pretty much inspired me to make an Etsy treasury right there on the spot. I pictured this gentleman as an artist- (specifically a writer) walking around in Paris on holiday, looking for inspiration for his next book. When I create Etsy treasuries it’s usually when I need to be doing something else. It’s a way for me to take a little break & creatively recharge. I like to pick images/products that help me tell a story…. 
This treasury is called “The Creative Process” & it’s full of characters, places, & things that may be used when when in the creative bubble & possibly on a deadline. You can view it live here
Hope you are having a great weekend! 
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