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{Music Monday} inspired morning…

Being an artist, it’s a wonderful thing to wake up to your son exclaiming, with all of the gusto that he could muster, that he has to paint RIGHT NOW. Sayer woke up on the artistic side of the bed this morning. He was inspired & knew just what he wanted – or rather, needed to do. It’s was our  “Saturday” & Chris was home today.  After Sayer grabbed his painting apron, he let us know what his plans for the morning were.

He wanted to paint with his hands, paint with a brush, listen to Matt Costa, then watch the Matt Costa Mr Pitiful video (you know the one with the man with all of the instruments attached to him?), & then have daddy read the book  about NYC- the one that has the fire truck in it. Not a bad morning I’d say. The Matt Costa videos were requested again tonight- particularly Mr. Pitiful. He loves the first 30 seconds in particular- when MC is getting all of his instruments on. We all agreed that he looks like he is in hutch studio. Sayer went to bed tonight dreaming up how he can “tape” or attach all of his instruments onto himself. Looks like we have a project for tomorrow. 

I know I’ve already posted about Matt Costa (including the Mr. Pitiful video)  here, but it seemed necessary to repeat it today. Besides, it’s one of my favorites. Happy Music Monday! What did you do this morning?
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