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{Happy Father’s Day}

One of the things that I was certain about when I was pregnant with Sayer, was that my dad was going to be an awesome grandpa. I was really excited to watch their relationship grow. I think it’s safe to say that Sayer will know my dad better than almost anyone as he will be able to benefit from my dad’s retirement (& most likely help in the transition). My dad is a really hard worker. Having been a business owner for 40 some years, that’s just a given. I attribute my work ethic & entrepreneurial spirit to him with out a doubt. Coupled with working hard, he is extremely generous. Those he cares about know this. I have always felt like he had my back… ALWAYS. I’m lucky, I know. But so is everyone that knows him. 

Sayer is also very lucky in the Father department. You can always see it in Chris’ eyes when he looks at Sayer, how much that kiddo means to him. To see what their latest project together is, check out Friday’s post.  
So today I want to wish all of the amazing dads out there a Happy Father’s Day!  Hope you have a wonderful day! 
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