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{Fun} club house…

Chris doesn’t teach ceramics this summer quarter at the college (he’ll just be at hutch studio) which means that he finally has weekends off! This last Monday & Tuesday was his first true weekend in about a year & it was spent primarily in the backyard. He & Sayer have a new project that they have been dreaming up – they are building a “club house” out of the wood from our old deck that we tore down last summer. Sayer is not lacking in the idea department. His requests include: a basement, garage, porridge shooter (like in Wallace & Gromit), bedroom, & fire pole…. oh & a red door. One of our recent outings was to a local salvage yard to find some cool windows for his house. We found 2 oval (RV or boat ) windows that were tempered & could open & shut. Sayer also found many other things… but the windows came home with us.

Sayer got right to work & brought out his tools, book about tools, & tool box. I snuck out to take photos of this project in motion many times because I absolutely couldn’t resist. I can’t wait to see what the two of them come up with. 

After a lot of banging of hammers, it was quiet for a bit. I came back down from my studio to see the progress & saw Sayer toting his pillow out to his club house. I guess he just needed a rest. He just kicked back & looked at the clouds for awhile. I love hearing him ask & guess what the clouds look like. Apparently we all (Chris, my mom, & I) have done that with him on several occasions. Looks like this club house is off to a great start- as of now, Kiki our kitty is the only other club member. I know Sayer is going to have fond memories of creating it with his dad for years to come.

Hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day weekend! What do you have planned?  
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