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{Real Life} childhood friends…

Do you have people in your life that no matter what mood you’re in- running into them always makes you feel happy? You know, the kind of people that you are so sad to walk away from & always hope to have an all night gabfest with? I met one of those people when I was in pre-school. Her name is Brynne & immediately I felt connected to her. I always had a sense from her eyes & smile, that she felt the same way about me. I remember the first time I saw her- although the memories are foggy, it’s the feeling I had that I remember most. The feeling that I was safe to be me, that I was understood, & that I belonged…just pure relief. Brynne & I have crossed paths several times in our lifetime & every single time I have had the same feelings come over me.  We ran into each other briefly when were both in a strange sort of crossroad emotionally. It was comforting to see her & we exchanged email addresses. She lived in Mexico & I was living in our home valley. Years passed & one day I got a group email that she sent out with a picture of her in front of a computer photo booth, with a sweet little girl on her lap. I calculated the months & realized that we had babies within days of each other (& that I had a picture of Sayer & I that was almost identical)!

This is where facebook comes in. I’ve been so grateful to have reconnected with Brynne through this crazy social media crazed world we live in. She still lives in Mexico & she did have a little girl 2 days before Sayer was born. Even through the computer, she makes me smile. Saturday, I was lucky enough to enjoy a little visit from both she & her daughter, Sofia. She still has family in the area & is around for a short while. My daydreams of Sayer & Sofia meeting finally became a reality. I can’t even explain how nice it was to chat with her, mother to mother as well. That comforting, “I like you how you are.” feeling, is particularly nice when you are trying to figure out the whole parenting a toddler thing, I learned. 

It warmed my heart to watch these two kiddos interact. I wonder if Sayer feels the same way about Sofia that I did about her momma at that age? It sure seemed like it. 
These two girls made my weekend. I had an extra hop in my step, chattered 100 miles an hour, & still feel energized (with a sense of calm at the same time) from them coming over. I’m looking forward to some possible artistic collaborations in the future with Brynne (she is a writer) so stay tuned for that. It’s so interesting to me that the friends that offer me the most (daily) joy & support tend to live in different countries. We live in a crazy & wonderful world don’t we? Hope you all had a great weekend. Happy Monday! 
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