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{Cool Things} Grain Design…

I had a chance to visit one of my favorite design shops this last weekend (IDEAL) & discovered Grain Design. I was intrigued with Grain’s eco-friendly designs & wanted to learn more. 

Grain was founded in 2007 at the Rhode Island School of Design & is a collaborative of design thinkers with the shared vision of a more sustainable future. 

I was happy to read that they were founded at RISD- I have a soft spot for RISD designers because that is where my husband went to school & later taught (his mom & dad both went there as well). When cruisin’ Grain’s online shop, I stumbled on Spool – a build it yourself modular system . The possibilities are endless as to what you could create with it & I have been dreaming ever since. 
I love their “electric love” jewelry made out of reclaimed electrical wire too. I bought myself a green bangle at IDEAL & may just have to go back to get myself a ring (or another bangle) because I’m hooked. It’s always so great to discover such innovative & eco-friendly designers- even more fun to learn that they are local (they now live in WA). So, Grain is my {cool things} pick of the week! Thanks for the introduction awesome IDEAL ladies! 

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