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{Vintage Inspiration} four finds ~ PLAY

It’s true, when I go to the thrift or antique stores, I’m driven by two major things- nostalgia  & Sayer. It’s getting nice outside these days (finally) & when I found these vintage Fisher Price roller skates (circa 1984-86), I just had to snatch them up. I used to love to roller skating – well, I still do. So, I was thrilled to share this love with Sayer & we are having perfect roller skating weather now.

Chris & I took Sayer to the antique shop the other day & his eyes honed in on a big bag of toy tools. We ended up getting this bargain bag of tools only to realize when we got home, that he needed something better to store them in. The plastic bag wasn’t cutting it. So, I hopped on down to the shop again (by myself) & found this great wooden carpenter carrying bin. It’s the perfect size & he has been carrying it around with him all through the house. It’s really nice to have an extra handy man around. I also found this really sweet sit ‘n step chair. Sayer prides himself in his independence, so we can never have enough step stools around. This one is particularly charming. I have it in my studio for him now so he can have his own seat & step stool. He said it’s his fire house step stool.

The fourth of the finds might be more for me actually. I did get it for him to play with, but I really couldn’t pass up the wooden clown. It only came with one ring – which is fine, because I’m not very good at it anyway. Sayer is much better at it. I keep this in my studio as well – it’s a perfect stress reliever & I like looking at him too. I’m a total sucker for clowns, wooden toys, & red stripes w/turquoise. So this find was a winner in my book. Isn’t it cool how someone’s junk is someone else’s treasure? 

Hope you are having a great week! We are all just getting over colds & we have Chris’ dad is visiting for a few weeks as well. So we are moving at a different pace these days. It sure is nice to have some sunshine…. 
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