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{Vintage Inspiration} red & white stripes…

We have been plowing through lots of old boxes stacked in our basement lately (due to a recent drain issue + flood & our 20 year old furnace having issues). During this process, I found the box of my old dance stuff – leg warmers, leotards, tutus, pointe shoes…& my favorite dance costume. I saved a lot of this stuff in case I ever had a little girl. I have really fond memories of playing dress up with my mom’s old dance costumes at my grandma’s house. However, I don’t think Sayer will be all that interested in my old tutus so I put everything back in the box I found, except for my red & white striped costume. I hung it in my studio. I cant’ really explain why I like it so much- but it has & will continue to inspire my work I’m sure. 

I think it was also one of my first costumes that had a bit of a flounce or tutu like thing. I felt I looked a dancer in it- I loved the red & white stripes too. (I’m the middle girl in the picture – the one with the glasses.) Tap has always been my favorite style of dance so that could add to my love of this costume. Secretly (or not so secretly now) I have hopes for Sayer to be the next Gregory Hines or Savion Glover. He does love the movie Happy Feet & can really do a great little impression of Mumble dancing…. 

I have to say, I love having this costume hanging were I can see it all of the time. It makes me smile. I also have a tendency to break in to little bouts of tapping in my studio when I’m stressed out or just thinking. So, having the costume in there seems fitting. Do you have something  that you used to wear that you keep around for smiles? Happy Friday!

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