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{Contributor} La Petite Magazine #4…

Have you seen the new issue of La Petite Magazine yet? It came out on Friday & it’s just gorgeous! Rachelle & Jennifer Lee have expanded their La Petite team by adding Peggy (Paul & Paula blog) & Stacie Bloomfield (Gingiber) which seems like a perfect fit. I was particularly excited to be asked to contribute another book article, given the theme of issue #4 is all about the ’70’s & ’80’s. It was a nostalgic & fun project that was really close to my heart for sure. 

At first, the task of writing, for the love of books, for this issue seemed a bit daunting. There are so many books during that time period that I adore- I ended up having to editing myself several times. Once I decided on The Giving Tree being a major part of the article, Sayer & I set out for the park with a camera, The Giving Tree, & a picnic in tow. 

We had a blast! It was the first sunny day after tons of rain so it was fun to romp in the fresh air. I was thrilled to have captured the afternoon in photos. I actually wrote the article after I chose the photos to use. I tend to work that way. I illustrate before I write stories too. It’s funny, but seeing these pictures of Sayer wearing his suspenders, channeling Shaun Cassidy & Mork, took me back to the days on the grade school playground. I loved it! Sayer doesn’t know the Do Run Run or who the heck Mork is, but he rocked the look all the same. 

Details of Sayer’s retro look (if you are interested) :: 
suspenders– vintage from 3ringcircus 
hat– handmade by Armelle for Pure Pixie
big collared shirtKate Quinn Organics
owl tee– (his momma) klt:works
shoes– Vans
jeans- Old Navy

Books in my 70’s & ’80’s time capsule stack ::

So cruise on over to flip through issue #4 of La Petite here. For those of you that lived through the 70’s & 80’s like me, it will give you a beautiful trip down memory lane. 

Thanks for including my article Rachelle! It’s an honor to be apart of this issue!
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