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{Real Life} Big Boy Room Part II

The transition from Sayer’s nursery to his big boy room is ongoing in our house. We’ve been tackling projects one at a time. But, I think we are finished for a little while. He finally has the space & appropriate storage solutions conducive for tons of play. The great thing, is that we didn’t really need to change things up much. We also made or found (in other rooms of our house & thrift shops) most of what we needed. I love watching my little whirlwind play so I decided to take some photos of him enjoying his space, while giving you a tour.

This bookshelf house is one of my favorite things in his room. It was originally my old doll house that my dad made me. He also has the old doll bed that my dad made me too. Chris renovated it before Sayer was born to make it into a changing table/bookshelf. Now it’s still a storage space, but also serves as an extension fire house, emergency station, & deluxe garage. Click here for the before & after post. 

I love the fact that Sayer still has his klt:mobiles in his room & that he still enjoys them. His bed is the conversion of his crib which I have to say is so great! The book corner is another favorite part of his room. He can look at his books from his bed too- which I think is nice. Chris made the book ledges & the shelf/toy storage is from ikea. The Eames chair isn’t always in his room- it really floats from room to room. This week it’s in the living room.

The vintage toys & vintage Marimekko quilt sort of took the palette of his room from, orange, green, & turquoise, to more of a rainbow of colors. It’s a happy room that I enjoy hanging out in. It also gets beautiful light through the windows. In my opinion, it’s the best room in the house for sure. I’m curious to see how this room evolves over the years. In the meantime, I’m content  just watching Sayer enjoy his space. What’s your favorite colors for a toddler’s room? 

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