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{Vintage Inspiration} four finds…

I’ve been playing this game of karma lately when it comes to finding cool vintage goodies. It seems as if by dropping off a few boxes of my own junk at the local thrifts, I increase my luck with what I find at my favorite antique shop. I was over the moon with this latest batch of vintage goodness. Funny, but I think I shop & find things by palette. These four finds were purchased in the same few days (3 in the same trip). 

My fondness for the monkey toy goes way back. When I saw him on the shelf, I think I jumped a little bit. I remember buying one just like that at a garage sale when I was kid. I thought he may freak Sayer out, but it’s like the monkey from “Toy Story” so he thought it was funny. The cover of the book immediately drew me in- I’m a sucker for owls, kitties, & illustrations of that vintage. I love the palette & imagery. Of course when I see any kind of vintage train or fire truck, I snatch it up of Sayer and this little vintage Fisher Price toy thrilled him. The tin, red doll case was a total score & now houses Sayer’s toys in my studio. All of these finds have actually found homes in my studio where I’m sure they will serve as inspiration in one form or another. Do you have a group of colors that you find you are drawn to often & are inspired by? 
Hope are enjoying your weekend! 
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