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{Four Finds} Japan on my mind…

{Purple Flowers Bubble dress- verypurpleperson– Tokyo}

I’m at a bit of a loss for words concerning the recent events in Japan. I have such a feeling of overwhelming sadness and fear for the people that are going through such a terrifying natural disaster. Every time I hear or see something so horrific on the news, I try to wrap my brain around it- which is sort of impossible really. So, with Japan on my mind, here is some  handmade loveliness that came from some Etsy Shops in Japan for my four finds.  
{Hand Screen Printed Fabrics – Kalla- Shimotsuma, Ibaraki- Japan}
{Dreaming of Spring Pillow Case– Frumafar- Japan}
{Toddler London Messanger Bag– Mee a Bee- Asaka, Japan} 

For some ways to help Japan, check out these links  here & here
Hope you all had a safe & thoughtful weekend!
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