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{Everyday Inspiration} small town connection…

In a previous post, I took you on a tour of the backroads of my hometown. Well, I recently had the pleasure of connecting via web, with someone else that shares these similar backroad memories with me.  Her name is Courtney and she is the one of the co-founders of Babyccino Kids. Her family is actually part of the reason that our Valley looks so gorgeous in the Spring- with rows & rows of colorful tulips everywhere.

When Courtney had her 2nd baby, klt:works was just getting started and she was living in London (& still is). Her uncle thoughtfully purchased some klt:goodies for Courtney’s new baby with the idea of sending something to her that was made from her hometown. He sent some more klt:works items when she had her 3rd child. If my memory is correct, she got one of my first slug plushies & an owl tee. I just got a lovely email from Courtney where the puzzle pieces of our hometown connection started falling into place. 
Do you know about  Babyccino Kids? It’s such a fantastic blog with posts from London, Amsterdam, Paris, NYC, & Melbourne- offering up tips & “interesting perspectives about modern family life”. I’ve actually been enjoying it for years- you should go check it out. Courtney posted a really nice klt:works review yesterday too! Yes, it is a small world after all… thanks Courtney! 
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