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{Real Life} big boy room

We’ve been gradually transitioning Sayer’s room from a nursery to a little boys rooms for a little while now. One of the issues that has come up in the last few months is that he has become scared of the dark & nighttime- causing him to not want to fall asleep. While we have tried all sorts of things, changing his room around has been a part of the problem solving. Sayer told us that he was afraid of his curtains– they were a large abstract shapes and he saw monsters in them. Honestly, I liked them because of being able to see things in them so it never dawned on me that it would freak him out (that was  pre-mom thinking). So now, all of his curtains are turned inside out & we have different fabric swatches draped on all of the windows to see what will work. 

Funny thing though, on Saturday, I got an order of vintage fabric from the Netherlands in the mail. One of the pieces was an old funky curtain- ready to hang (which was a surprise- a nice one). Sayer always likes to see the fabric I get in the mail & when I said it was a curtain, he told me to hang it in his room right away. It’s pretty amazing, but it fits the window dimensions perfectly. He announced that he loves it & that it’s not scary in his room anymore. However, we have 2 more windows in his room that need new curtains. 

I had actually taken Sayer with me to the fabric store recently & told him to let me know if he saw something he liked for curtains. He yelled out excitedly, “I LOVE  BUTTERFLIES & FIRETRUCKS!” when he saw this fabric… 

Which is not really the aesthetic I was after for his room. But he loved it – so I got him a fat quarter & we have it draped on one of other windows. I think I’ve diverted his attention from it being a curtain by suggesting that I would make him a butterfly slug with the fabric.  
Meanwhile, I have to say, since the funky curtain has been in his room, the going to bed issue has been a lot better. Coincidence? Maybe, but for now my klt:plushies will have to wait- we are keeping the funky floral fabric on his window until our luck runs out (& we find new fabric for all 3 of the windows). I do love the floral in there though- particularly with the vintage Marimekko comforter. The big boy room transition is a lot of fun- we still have some projects up our sleeve. But so far it’s been really rewarding watching Sayer play & enjoy his space. What do you remember about your kiddo’s nursery morphing into a big boy/girl room? 
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