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{Fabric Friday} new discovery…moomin

Last week I read a blog post that started me on a research tangent that was quite fun. Thanks to my blog friend Carmel, I now know who Tove Jansson is. I really enjoyed reading about her and hope to a research a little more. Here is a quick description from the Moomin website for those that don’t know who she is.

Tove Marika Jansson 1914-2001
A Swedish-speaking Finn who enjoyed a diverse career as an author, painter, graphic artist, caricaturist and comic strip artist. She was the creator of the much-loved Moomin books.

{first two photos via here}
I admit that I was unaware of what Moomin was, but now I do & am a little smitten with the comic strip, the woman who drew it, & the fabric that came from it…
I know I would’ve eventually learned about Moomin through my never ending quest for  Marimekko fabric & love of Finnish design. I’ve seen some of these images and been intrigued before. So, I’m glad my introduction was from Carmel’s blog. (She was also the woman who tipped me off on the vintage Marimekko Bo Boo comforter I bought for Sayer recently). I was excited when I found a Moomin textile shop (that specializes in vintage Moomin) on Etsy called Tillukka.  All of these fabrics & photos are from this shop as well. What do you think? Are you a Moomin fan?  Happy first Fabric Friday of 2011!   
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