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Happy New Year!

If book titles could speak, this stack would sum up 2010 quite nicely. Every year at this time I feel quiet, reflective, and somewhat at a loss for words. I ended 2010  with a satisfied feeling- like I gave it everything I’ve had. I recently realized, that it wasn’t until I started klt:works that I really began to understand that every year holds amazing & surprising events that could never be predicted -but always treasured. So I go into 2011 knowing that it’s going to be just as incredible as this year, but having no idea how or why…

Having Sayer in our lives helps remind me how helpful it is to view life through his eyes. Everything is challenging, rewarding,  magical, & fun. The feelings of pure awe, fascination, & gratitude have been constant for me this year. So before I settle down to a nice, relaxing evening with my 2 favorite guys, I want to say thank you to everyone that has made 2010 so memorable.

Something on my resolution list last year, was that I wanted to start a blog. However, I really couldn’t anticipate what an impact it would have on my life. I have met some truly wonderful friends though klt:sketchbook and for that I am both touched & grateful. So, I am raising my glass to you-  happy new year, cheers, & see you in 2011!
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