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{Vintage Fisher Price} Welcome to my studio Dr. Doodle…

Dr. Doodle was under the tree for me this year & he made my heart go all a flutter. I had spotted him at my favorite antique mall about a month ago and told Chris all about his wise ducky charm. I was just thrilled to see his eyes peaking up at me from inside my Christmas package. He appears to be a perfect studio companion – all eager to offer up inspiration & help remedy any creative conundrums I may find myself in.

This addition to my Fisher Price collection called for some re-organization. I decided that the FP toys that were made before 1970 would go in my studio. And the ones from the 1970’s could stay in Sayer’s room. This need for re-organization also came in part from the playmobil explosion in Sayer’s room that came with Christmas.  So I cleaned off a spot for my collection of old friends in my studio – but they appeared to need another friend in the group to make a true collection.  So, I decided it was time to visit my many FP “favorites” on Etsy.  
{jalopy photos via here}
I found this guy a long time ago- he was way at in the middle of my favorites and rather than buying him right away, I created a whole circus treasury around him. Thinking that filled the void, I went to bed. However, it didn’t & I bought him the next afternoon- adding another cool circus find (an awesome vintage pop up book) in it’s place. Can’t wait to see this old jalopy in my studio. In my mindless Etsy cruisin’ (in an attempt to relax) I did happen to stumble on a few more VERY tempting FP toys that I have been thinking about ever since. I will have to practice restraint for now- I sort of go on the whole toy fate thing. If it is truly meant to be… it will still be there when I’m ready. 

View “Take me to the circus” Etsy treasury here if you need to take a circus break like I did.

What sort of things do you like to collect?

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