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{Fabric Friday} Vintage Marimekko…

It’s no secret that I have a major fondness for Marimekko textiles. I’ve written about it many times. Well, about a week ago I bought a bunch of vintage Marimekko fabric via this Etsy Shop that made me giddy with excitement. I carried this stack around with me for days, sort of fearful to cut into it. After all, I bought it to use. But then had second thoughts when I saw how beautiful it was. My husband reminded me that fabric is fabric & it’s meant to be used and transformed. If you are a KLT FB “liker” you have already seen this top stack of Marimekko goodness. Actually- the piece of fabric in the middle isn’t Marimekko- it’s a gorgeous Finnish, vintage textile that I liked too.  But the rest of these pictures will be new for you.

So I did it – I cut into the fabric this week!  My slugs just called out to these fabrics (or vice versa) – it was what I originally had in my mind to make when I saw first saw the vibrant textiles. I love playing with the bold shapes, patterns, & colors for the slug bellies. There will never be 2 exactly that same- which I really enjoy. These little guys are truly special & the colors are so darn happy! 

These vintage Marimekko slugs will be slowly inching their way into the KLT Etsy Shop throughout the next few days. Don’t worry you die hard fabric collectors, I won’t use all of the fabric, I have saved a bit for safe keeping. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what I will make from this gorgeous stack. Oh, and don’t forget that klt:friends get a nice discount code to use for weekend. Happy Fabric Friday!
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